The Beauty of Mallorca…

The feeling of sitting in the car with your love, window fully open, fancy radio station is on, your messy hair dancing in the warm wind, that smile cannot leave your face, favourite dress is on, you talk and laugh so loud of excitement and you just cannot know where to put your eyes. Everything you see – You love! I really love this feeling. Those are the memories I collect and appreciate a lot!


Visited this beautiful island twice and definitely fell in love with it twice! Most of the people probably know Mallorca for its beautiful beaches and nature. This is very true, since beaches there are breathtaking! Every time we discovered a new beach, I was still very surprised of the beauty of it. However, Mallorca is beautiful not just because of its nature. The architecture and culture of the island is astonishing as well!

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However, nature itself takes your breath away! If you said you will never drive slowly, try taking a way through Tramuntana mountains. We drove to Valldemossa (a city that deserves its own blog post), Soller and Cap de Formentor. You will be surprised how slowly you will drive and not just because of the tricky and narrow roads, but because of the magnificent views! Every piece of the view looks like a painting.

IMG_3430 2


We drove to Palma de Mallorca, which is the capital of the island, many times on our second trip to Mallorca. Even if you go there without any expectations, you will get interested in exploring it more. Streets full of culture, little local stores, people walking slowly and enjoying their time. I still didn’t get tired of seeing the Cathedral of Palma. Day time, night time, sand castle look… it looks absolutely amazing!

Gelato Italiano in Palma de Mallorca

I highly recommend to rent a car. In that way you can see a lot even if you are staying just couple of days. The island itself is quite small. And one more thing if you are into romantic things as I am. Ultimate romantic time tip at the beach: get yourself a blanket, music speaker, some wine and strawberries… Make sure you are at the beach with your love, surrounded by sand and positive vibes. Put on some music, sit at least one meter from the water and Voíla! It cannot get any more romantic than this. ♡  



Ready for some positive vibes? Then you should check out my simple video!


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana


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