Valldemossa, Mallorca

As I mentioned in my previous travel post – The Beauty of MallorcaValldemossa deserves its own blog post, since it has probably left me with the most impression and time spent there simply went away so quickly. Our choice of wearing colourful clothes was also great, as we matched the flowers in the streets.

Valldemossa is a village in Mallorca situated in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains (Serra de Tramuntana). This village is full of culture and has uniquely outstanding vibe. It is surrounded by lemon, almond, olive trees and other vegetation. Highly enriched with Spanish culture and history, every little and narrow street tries to tell you a story.

Every little corner is decorated with flowers, signs and pots, either empty or with flowers growing inside. Dogs guarding their households and greeting tourists passing by. Birds singing melodies and inviting people to gaze at them, as they fly far away over the mountains. Little local stores and cafes located in sand looking buildings with green window shutters, showing their unique creative items and seeking for positive attention. Would you like to try freshly squeezed orange juice? Or maybe you are looking for a handmade crocheted dress? Then you can definitely experience these things in beautiful Valldemossa while looking at the mountains in front of you.

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What else could you do in Valldemossa besides experiencing the unique beauty of nature, narrow streets and local offers? If you are familiar with a wonderful Polish composer and piano virtuos Frédéric Chopin, then you should definitely visit the Museum of Frédéric Chopin and George Sand, where Chopin and his partner the author George Sand stayed over the winter of 1838/1839 and had a short and unhappy, but very productive visit where beautiful compositions were made.

The Museum is located in the Royal Carthusian Monastery (Real Cartuja). While visiting the Monastery, you can walk to little terrace gardens which will give you the feeling of greatness and peacefulness. I imagined myself staying there and composing some amazing music, or doing other creative art projects, while sitting outside in the warmth and looking at the magnificent view in front of me. I understood why a person could choose this place for  creative work. However, at his time, Chopin experienced bad weather, health problems and issues with piano being delivered to him. Nevertheless, he managed to create astonishing compositions.


Chopin was a composer of the Romantic era and wrote music for solo piano. If you are not familiar with his work, you should check it out because his piano music is one of the most beautiful one in my opinion.


So, would You like to visit the beautiful village called Valldemossa?


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

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