OSLO in February

So good to look back and actually realise that nature is constantly changing and days are noticeably getting longer. Then it is easier to appreciate the warmer weather and brighter colours. Spring is slowly but confidently knocking on our windows.

Personally I have been living in Oslo for the last 4 years. Oslo is the capital of Norway and it`s quite small, but a lovely city with lots of nature and beautiful architecture. It has a laid back vibe, where people do not really rush that much. I really enjoy taking walks in the streets, especially on Saturdays, when the street musicians are at their best and people enjoy their day off. However, you will see most people outside on Sundays, as Norwegians love to run, sit down, take walks or simply enjoy no matter what kind of weather. Shops are closed on Sundays here in Oslo which makes it rather a perfect time to enjoy the beauty of nature.


Travel Video I made down below, consists of the best known places in Oslo worth visiting, such as:

Royal Palace; The main street called Karl Johan; Main building of the University of Oslo; The City Hall (Rådhuset); Area around Oslo Central Station; The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet House; Cathedral (Dom Kirke); Vigeland Sculpture Park; Movie Theatre Colosseum; Holmenkollen area and Tower; Aker Brygge, Nobels Peace Centre and more.

It is worth noticing that it is a winter travel video where cold colours dominate and nature looks quite different than it does now. Follow me through lovely Oslo and maybe we will stop for a cup of coffee in the end? Let me know if you would like me to make a summer video as well!


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana


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