Birthday in LONDON

So many places you can go to, so many buildings you want to see, free museums and those amazing parks, and do not forget the choices and all the people everywhere… Can you guess a big city, where I wanted to celebrate my birthday this year? Well, the heading said it already, but the guessing wouldn’t be that hard. Since London has it all! 

Exploring the city.



We arrived at London Stansted Airport early morning on my birthday. The nature was starting to wake up, and as we drove along, I noticed beautiful narcissus and pink cherry trees blossoming besides the roads. English architecture, red busses and nevertheless driving on the other side of the road, yes, it may sound very stereotypically, but there is no surprise that these are actually the things I first notice when I arrive in London. As the days go, you get use to these things and start to getting to know multicultural London.


St.James Park.

One of the things that I think is so great about London – is the possibility to easily find a beautiful park. The fact that London is packed with people, cars and everyone is constantly in the rush, makes it important to be able to find a beautiful spot, where the beauty of nature can take your breath away. My personal favourite park this time was St.James Park, which is situated very close to the Buckingham Palace. As we travelled to London in spring time, the nature was showing its best features. Blossoms, green grass, birds seeking for attention as the squirrels got it all. We love to walk a lot as we travel, so resting our feet on one of the benches situated in the park is also a great idea! If the weather was warmer, we would have done a picnic, but unfortunately it was still quite cold and windy. Well, next time, since picnics are amazing!

I always have a cake for my birthday, since I see it as a symbol. When you blow out the candles you happily wish for something as you get older and wiser. So I thought that it would be a bit weird without a cake this year, but it doesn’t matter as long as we have a wonderful day. But guess what, eventually we even got a cake with Happy Birthday sign on it! It was very spontaneous and not planned, since we saw the cake at the Top Shop, and said hey, it is perfect! They also have candles, so we got everything we needed for a small birthday celebration.


We walked so much that day, said hi to the squirrels and birds, took photos besides beautiful trees and buildings, drank coffee, shopped, drove through the city and played bowling. However, the ending of the day couldn’t get any better! As the time got to 23:30, and the candles on the cake still weren’t blown out, we got to figure something out. A mini park besides the river, deep dark sky, brown bench, strong wind, napkins blown everywhere, cake cut with a plastic knife, wind refusing to lit those candles, but eventually giving up, apple juice, great company and laughs. This is my perfect ending of the day! Birthday in London was very memorable and fantastically great!


To be continued further on this trip…


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

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