Macaroons made with Coconut Flour?

Wonderful readers,

I really like to try out new things, especially when we are talking about food products. And those lying on organic shelves are the ones I like to try out the most. Yesterday, I decided to do an experiment and I want to share it with you!

Macaroons are one of my favourite desserts. I just like how they taste and look. They have a specific taste which I can really enjoy slowly, without craving too much of it. I have tried to make homemade macaroons before and they turned out just wonderfully. But this time, I decided to see if it was possible to make decent (by that I mean good looking and quite tasty macaroons) using coconut flour and almond essence instead of almond flour. So are you ready for results?

FullSizeRender 77

I am sure there are people just like me, who like to try out different things and experiment. However, if you already think, this was a bad idea, don`t judge me. After all, we all learn best by trying.

Here we go. My conclusion is to stick to regular macaroons recipe with almond flour. Well, I have to admit, after this experiment I understood that macaroons are already perfect as they are, which means they don’t need to be upgraded. These cookies I made, (in my opinion they only have macaroon form, but are not macaroons, more like coconut cookies), they didn’t turn out ugly, but I didn’t like the taste. Although, I love coconut taste and scent, but it didn’t fit in this recipe. On the other hand, my guy really liked these, so they will be gone in a minute anyways! 😀


Thank you for participating to my recipe experiment. After this, I got a desire to share with you the macaroons I used to make with almond flour. Would you like me to write about it? Let me know in the comment section! By the way, I used macaroon recipes from the YouTube Channel – Tasty!

FullSizeRender 78

Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana


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