Hello November

Wonderful readers,

It is time to welcome the third and the last month of Autumn into our daily routines. Today it hit me, winter is actually coming faster than expected. I walked from work at 5pm and it was already dark. This reminded me to buy more candles and warm socks! 😀

November is an exciting month that usually goes really fast. You kind of get excited about the upcoming snow and Christmas. You can snuggle at home and enjoy a hot cup of tea more often. You wear lots of layers and look more stylish than ever. You can light lots of candles and listen to more calm music. I found a wonderful song yesterday by Ben Howard, which I want to share with you.

Also I get more into baking when it is cold outside. Therefore, you can expect more dessert related lifestyle posts on my blog in the upcoming months. But for now, let us welcome November into our hearts and let us accept that the days are rapidly getting shorter. We can still make the best out of it! What are your thoughts about November?

View of Oslo at 6pm.

Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

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