Favourite Autumn Trends 2017

Wonderful readers,

Happy November Saturday to everyone! In this post I want to look closer to favourite fashion trends of the season! I really like this kind of posts where I do research and study favourite trends of the season, then pick out the favourite ones and put them her for you. There is no need to wait anymore, so read on and get inspired!

Red, red, red


Radiant, fierce and sensual, colour of passion. I have always liked this colour. And what can be better, when you can find this colour on all kind of items? Let us be bright and confident, because there is no other way while wearing red. Would you like to wear all red from head to toe?

Collage_Fotor hgfu_Fotor
Givenchy and Max Mara collection for Autumn 2017.

Over the Knee Boots 


You have probably already seen these boots all over the place. Yes, they are high in trend right now and you can find all kind of styles, materials, heel options etc. Personally, I own a simple pair of over the knee boots since last year, when it was not that trendy. But the other day I tried these tapering over the knee boots at Zara, simply to see how they looked on me.

Alice + Olivia collection for Autumn 2017.

Fake fur elements 


Fur elements can be found as details on knitwear pockets and sleeves, also on purses, shoes, coats and you can buy separate fake fur collars to put on your coat or jacket. It is hard not to spot this trend and it is definitely one of my favourite ones!

Details from ZARA.

Light grey and plaid print 

IMG_0353_FotorPlaid is highly in trend right now. You can find everything from coats, pants, dresses, and jackets with plaid print. Especially jackets and coats are great pieces to make your even simple/basic outfit stylish and trendy without putting too much effort.

Fendi collection for Autumn 2017.

Cozy, high neck sweaters

If you read my previous Autumn lifestyle and fashion posts, you probably understood that I really like cozy, high neck sweaters I can snuggle in. I bet there are so many of you just like me. It is important to keep your neck warm on these cold days, so why not do it in style. I am very happy about all the options out there for high neck sweaters this season. You can read and see inspirations for knitted sweaters right here:


Have you found your favourites from this list? Feel free to leave comments and your thoughts! ❤


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana


  1. Fall trends rarely disappoints but this season must be the best in years! I’m especially fond of the red and the plaid trends, both fitting my personal style perfectly. And I would definitely like to wear red from head to toe if I could only find the right pair of red boots (I’ve been looking for a while but it seems to be an impossible mission).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree with you! So many wonderful items for this season. YES, red and plaid go so well together as well, which makes it even better. What kind of red boots are you looking for? I have seen nice ones at Mango, but I don’t know how comfortable they would be 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well that’s kind of the problem, I don’t really know what I’m looking for but at the same time I can point out everything wrong with the ones I actually can find… But I’m leaning towards a pair of thigh highs in some kind of suede material with a medium to high heel or a pair of really basic ankle ones (kind of like my Kiomi ones I wear 24/7, I saw that you visited my blog so you should’ve seen them), but as I said I’m not quite sure. I’ll definitely check Mango out though, I was planning on going there this week anyway!


      2. I know the feeling! But when you see the ones you like, you will know that they are meant for you! 🙂 Those thigh highs sound amazing! Suede material is very pretty and stylish, only takes a bit time to take care of, but totally worth it!


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