Beauty Advent Calendars

If you have walked through stores recently, you probably have noticed all of the Christmas decorations, candies, gift boxes and Advent calendars. When I saw it first, I thought – why are they bringing everything in stores earlier each year. But then I realised how fast time actually flies. It will be December in the blink of an eye. Some people have busy schedules and other things they have to take care of, so perhaps this is a perfect time for them to buy some new decorations and presents for Christmas already. If you are annoyed about this early Christmas vibes, you can simply walk past it without giving it too much attention. No need to react, if you know it won’t do you or others any good anyways!

Personally, I love Christmas decorations, buying gifts and just Christmas in general! Therefore, I got quite excited, especially when I saw decorated trees in the city centre. Never too early to talk about Christmas!

FullSizeRender 92_Fotor.jpg
I took this photo with my iPhone, as I walked past decorated trees.


So, the thing I want to share in this post is Advent Calendars! I searched for it this year and found 4 really good looking calendars that would brighten up the December days! I want to share my personal findings! By the way, I never had an Advent Calendar myself before. So this is quite exciting and new research for me. 🙂

L’Occitane Advent Calendar 2017

This is a proof that packaging does make a difference! This is the main reason why this calendar immediately caught my eyes. The box looks simply amazing! And don’t forget the wonderful fragrances of products from L`Occitane.



NYX Professional Makeup Lippie Countdown Advent Calendar 

If you are a lipstick and lipgloss lover ( like me), then this calendar is perfect for you. It would make it easy to decide which colour to wear which day and perhaps be more brave and colourful.


The Body Shop Deluxe Advent Calendar   

The Body Shop always falls for my taste with their body butters and shower gels that smell divine. I haven’t tested many products from this brand, therefore this calendar looks amazing for trying out new products. Which girl doesn’t enjoy relaxing spa time at home?



Douglas LancĂ´me, YSL, Biotherm, Armani – Parfume and Skincare Advent Calendar 

If you have Douglas Store in your city, you know that you can find every brand there. I feel this calendar has big variety of products and would make you excited to try something new each day. Treat yourself properly!


Would you like to have an Advent Calendar this year?

Since these calendars are being sold out so fast, or perhaps you want to be original, would you like a post about Advent calendars you could do yourself? Let me know!

Links to calendars:’occitane-advent-calendar-original,18,1,89152,1150085.htmĂ´me%2C-YSL%2C-Biotherm%2C-Armani-Parfyme-og-Hudpleie_productbrand_3001039301.html


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana


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