Be Inspired by your surroundings

“My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.”Coco Chanel 

I believe that it is very important to create surroundings that will inspire you in some way. Perhaps you have some creative work in mind you would like to do. However, you feel that something is stopping you. You simply cannot start doing it. Things that surround you can actually help you starting and completing your tasks. At least, I truly believe that. Are you with me?

Of course, you have to know what works for you and you have to make an effort to it. Maybe it is brightness at your place, lots of candles, a cup of tea and soft music, when every item is organised, when it is clean and tidy at home, fresh flowers on the table, lots of colours, when you are at the cafe with lots of people and noise etc. It can be anything. Therefore this part you have to figure out yourself. It can also be a combination of things.

Personally, self made creative mess works best for me. And definitely not silence. I have to put on music, vlogs, tv shows or similar. At the same time I like details that look pretty for my eyes (as flowers, candles or little ´Christmas`lights). And I almost forgot my love for being and working on the floor. I wanted to share with you my creative space from today, where I have started to decorate some Zumba t-shirts.


The drawing I created some years ago. Also take a moment to appreciate the beauty of these flowers!

It would make me happy, if after this post, you took some time to figure out what makes you inspired at the moment and you shared it with me.

Why do I say at the moment? Because I feel there are certain things that stay the same over time and some things depend on your mood and even the season. Sometimes I feel very inspired while I take the metro, train or tram, while other times I simply want to get faster to my destination without putting too much thought in it. In summer time I feel inspired when I am sitting or laying on the blanket at the park.

After all we have to admit, most of our time is spent at home. Therefore, it is best to find something at your home that will work as your inspirational/creative space. When you have figured out what works for you, create those surroundings and do what your heart desires. You will see that this actually works. Have an artistic Sunday and the rest of the week!

Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana


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