Discovery of the Week #4

Wonderful readers,

Are you keeping yourself warm, cozy and healthy? I hope you are and you had a wonderful week. Nowadays, I check weather forecast every morning, to see what kind of clothes I should wear for the day. And you know what I saw today? That it will snow (for the first time this Autumn) tonight and tomorrow morning! Wow, this actually got me excited. Maybe tomorrow I will wake up and see white snow everywhere! It is beautiful to dream and hope! But for now, let`s look at my discovery and favourite of the previous week!

My discovery of the week is definitely this Colour Show nail polish from Maybelline New York. I have been using nail polishes from this brand for quite some time now, because I really like the texture, colours and quality. But it was a real discovery, since I found it at the store so close to my place. I usually bought these polishes when I visited Lithuania, but now I know where to get it whenever I want. Great discovery and I love this colour!

Colour is called “Sidewalk Strut”.

My favourite of this week is Christmas lights on the trees in the city centre! It simply makes the view so much better and lighter. Especially now, when it is completely dark at 5pm. I have mentioned earlier (in my Beauty Advent calendar post), when I saw these lights in the beginning of this week, I got really excited for Christmas as well!


What is your discovery and favourite of the week?


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

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