Holiday lights all year round

In the recent Discovery of the Week post, I wrote about forecasted snow and the weather forecast was right! First snow of this Autumn got me inspired to write this cozy post.

The topic of today is Holiday lights used as decoration at home all year round (or at least cold season). Personally, I decorated my shelves with holiday lights and I absolutely love it. I wanted to share with you the idea itself of home decoration with Holiday lights throughout the year and show how I did it. Also I would love to hear what you think about such decorations!


Where can you put the string lights: on the twigs, around shelves, hang them on the wall, balconies, wrap around different items.  My personal favourite from these inspirations is the vase with lights in it. It looks so beautiful and makes me want to try it myself.


I have been seeing ideas of Holiday lights as decorations all year round, (both on the internet and in real life) for quite some time. Finally, I decided to get big bulb looking lights myself, since I saw a balcony decorated in such way and it looked amazing. However, I changed my mind and got some mini and cute string lights. There are not many lights on the string, which make them look simple and delicate.



At first, I put the lights on the big green plant, so the plant got a Christmas tree look. But then I thought, Christmas is almost around the corner and we will definitely have a Christmas tree anyways. So why not use these delicate lights on something else and make it look romantic. Then I decided to put these lights around the shelves. I really like the final look and the atmosphere around it. I have to admit that I barely turn the lights off! This decoration was a success for my taste.

Would you use Holiday lights as decoration all year round (at least round cold season)?


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

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