Natural Lip Scrub DIY

Do you want to have soft, smooth, not damaged lips that are not nearly dry? Are you into natural homemade products also when it comes to beauty? Then you should add lip scrubbing into your beauty routine. And you know what, it is quite easy to make your own lip scrub. So let`s get started!

The skin on our lips is very sensitive. It gets affected by lack of water, cold weather, overload of sun and other outer sources. Therefore, it is important to take care of it. Lip scrub will remove dead skin cells, nourish this sensitive skin area and prevent lips from cracking.

For this nourishing lip scrub you will need:

Coconut oil, honey, brown sugar.     


Blend one table spoon of coconut oil (it should be in soft consistency, not liquid) with one table spoon of honey. Then add two small spoons of brown sugar and mix everything together. Put the final product in a cup with cover and storage it in the fridge. Before using, let it stand in the room temperature for a while.



As you can see, there are only eatable components, which means it is completely safe (unless you are allergic to some of the products). If you make more of this scrub, you can also use it for your body. Stay naturally beautiful!



Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana




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