Discovery of the Week #6

Wonderful readers,

Another beautiful week has started. Put a smile on your face, dreams and wishes in order and let`s start it with my favourite quote of the week!


My cloudy and gloomy Monday started with rather beautiful and refreshing sight. One of my old orchids started to bloom again! It is only one blossom at the moment, but it couldn’t be more precious to me. I was actually kind of giving up on this orchid and thought it will never bloom again. However, I didn’t have the heart to throw it out or anything. I just put the orchid on the windowsill and sort of forgot of it being there. And voila, it started to blossom. Some things do happen when you least expect them to happen, right?

My favourite of the week is something unusual – open clothes storage/hanger. I simply really like it right now to have as an interior detail and at the same time it is so easy to put visible outfits together and hang them there. I call it my Christmas tree of the moment. 😀 Do you like something unusual at your home?


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana 


Also check out how to make your own lip scrub at home:




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