Hello Magical December

I cannot believe you already welcomed our doors, December! But I would lie if I told you I am not happy to see you. December, you are a magical month full of surprises, excitement, joy, calm thoughts and beautiful surroundings. Thank you for making us smile more, even though frost is tickling our noses and slippery pathways make us slide. In all sincerity – Welcome, we truly love seeing you!

Perhaps some people associate this month with different things, not always positive and joyful, such as chaos, rush and stress. We will never know everyones stories behind and that is completely normal. Personally, I really like December with all of its colours!


I love many people around walking a little faster than usual. I love people snuggled in many layers, holding a warm cup in one hand and packages in another one. I love planning, looking for gifts, wrapping them, decorating and simply looking at the Christmas tree in the evenings. I love baking deserts, cozy evenings at home and taking a walk while large snowflakes hit my eyes. Call it unpleasant, but at the same time exceptional feeling. At the very most, the decorations give so much good vibes and joy – sincere smiles for all.

First December morning started with my usual breakfast – banana/oat cookies with peanut butter, coffee with milk and I added raspberries for the occasion!


This December is a bit different to me, because for the first time ever I got a surprise – an Advent Calendar (thank you darling)! I will definitely look forward to every morning of this December, since presents will never end. Presents are not the most important here, but the thought around it and the excitement itself.

Day 1 is opened – I will be bright today!

Happy first day of December to every wonderful soul! ❤


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana



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