Discovery of the Week #7

Wonderful readers,

December has started with no bad vibes. It is the last month of the year. Perfect time to finish off what you started, start planning new projects and hope your wishes will come true. Also you couldn’t find a better time to sparkle and shine!


My favourite of the week is actually a song which caught my attention immediately. I have written earlier on my blog, that usually I find a new song everyweek which I really like and listen to hundreds of times. However, for the last weeks, I couldn’t find anything (I didn’t really search for it either). Therefore, this discovery of the week is appreciated a little bit more than usual.

My favourite of this week is a glass of green smoothie in the mornings. My green smoothie consists of loads of spinach, avocado, some kiwi, half of banana and water. Sometimes I add a little bit of chia seeds or honey as well. It is so refreshing to drink such smoothie in the morning. Also it is very nourishing and good for you. Spinach is very well known as a burst of energy since it is loaded with iron. You cannot really taste the spinach in the smoothie, so do not worry if you don’t like the taste of it. However, it gives your smoothie such a wonderful green colour and healthy benefits. This smoothie will definitely continue to be my favourite!

FullSizeRender 92.jpg

Have a productive week!


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana



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