Decorating Christmas tree

December month knocks on our doors and we start feeling a bit festive. We see decorations on the streets, in the shops and attend Christmas market opening in the city. We surely appreciate the beauty and excitement. But I believe that the real Christmas spirit comes together with decoration of your own Christmas tree at home. All is then calm, all is then bright…

A couple of days ago we decorated our Christmas tree and now I have something so evergreen to look at in the evenings. Decorations turned out beautifully and honestly I think every Christmas tree decoration turns out amazing on its own way. Therefore, let`s celebrate the beauty and spirit of this wonderful Christmas symbol, that gives jolly moments to our lives. This is the Christmas tree of the year 2017. ❤


IMG_0979 2_FotorIMG_0910 (1)_FotorIMG_0914 (1)_FotorIMG_0917 (1)_FotorIMG_0918_FotorIMG_0919 2_FotorIMG_0925 (1)_Fotor

FullSizeRender 99IMG_1821

Have you decorated your Christmas tree?


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

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