Discovery of the Week #8

Wonderful readers,

Another beautiful week has started, with the sight of Christmas tree, giving life to my apartment and lighting up the winter look. It has started with the taste of tangerines and packages being wrapped up and put under the festive tree. It has started with smiles, good sense of humour, excitement and desire to dance.


The discovery of this week is something I got as a gift. It is an essential oil diffuser. I have been wanting to get one of these items for quite some time. I really like when it smells good at home. Scents can be achieved by scented candles, home perfume etc. But this item was exciting for me, because it doesn’t only produce wonderful scent, but at the same time increases air humidity. Which is nice in the winter time, when the air at home gets fairly dry because of the heaters etc. I simply need to buy preferable scented oil, mix it with water, put it in the little teapot and light a candle underneath. Wonderful discovery! I use passionfruit scented oil at the time.

Also another discovery of the week (which I haven’t tried yet) is Banana shampoo and conditioner from Body Shop. It smells just like bananas and has an interesting texture. It caught my attention in the shop and perhaps I will try it one day. Have anyone tried a banana shampoo before?


My favourite of this week is also a gift – lip glosses from Victoria Secret. I like the texture, colours and duration, since it stays on the lips for good amount of time. I have three different colours, each unique and still great. Glosses should be glossy, in my opinion. Therefore, these live up to my expectations. Also, they smell really nice!


Have a fragrant week! ❤


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

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