Discovery of the Week #9

Wonderful readers,

The last week before Christmas has started! How exciting is that? I just came home from a short vacation in my homeland Lithuania, where I got to spend some amazing days seeing friends and family, cheering my guy at the flair competition, generally being relaxed and enjoying all of the beautiful decorations and Lithuanian vibe. And last but not least, we saw the newest Star Wars movie in 3D.Great week indeed, when you have fun, time simply flies from you. Therefore, I tried to enjoy every minute of it and the whole trip was my favourite of this week!

My discovery of this week is the Christmas tree in Vilnius. I was very excited to see this Christmas tree, since I saw many photos of it beforehand. People took photos and referred to it as the prettiest one in Europe. And I have to say, that I completely agree – it is absolutely beautiful. I even saw the tree from the airplane. Also it was a great idea to make mini Christmas market around the tree, and connect the lights with the rooftops of the market houses.

IMG_2077FullSizeRender 100IMG_2166

Have a wonderful week, filled with joy and sincere gift shopping!


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

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