Happy 2018!

I want to wish You a wonderful and productive New Year, filled with love and laughter. It is already the third day of this year and nothing seems to be in the different shape. However, New Year has something to do with your state of mind. You kind of get a new sheet, where new chances and possibilities seem to be more reachable and desirable. Also flood of courage to do things your heart desire and constant strive to be a better version of yourself.


Think about the year that has passed and you will remember the most remarkable events – highlights of your year. What do you remember the most? My highlights would be starting this blog in April, my birthday celebration in London and spending some amazing summer weeks in Lithuania.

Then, think about what you want to do more of this year. It doesn’t have to be many things. Think about three smaller goals you would like to achieve and set your mind into doing it. Of course, the things you put has to be realistic for your life at the moment. In that case, you won’t put yourself into the disappointment state.  After all, the ultimate goal is to bring more happiness to your life and bring out your inner beauty.

FullSizeRender 105
Fireworks in Oslo.

It is going to be a great year! 


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

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