Discovery of the Week #10

Wonderful readers,

It has been awhile, since the last post about my discovery and favourite of the week. The holidays of the year 2017 are over and we can get back to this category which I really like to do. I get a chance to step back, look at things more carefully and analyse them.

In a way, I have many discoveries of these weeks that have passed, because it was Christmas time filled with joy and wonderful presents. Therefore, I will say in general that my discoveries of the past weeks are all of my presents. I cannot choose one of them, because each one is special and great for me.



My favourite of these weeks are very winter related. Why do I say so? Since the days are getting remarkably colder, it is so nice to stay at home, cuddle up with a cup of hot beverage and a good show or movie on the screen.

TV Series

For the last weeks, I have been watching CSI: Cyber a lot and it became my favourite show for the moment. I have always been a fan of CSI (especially Miami), but this Cyber cycle really got me. I found it very interesting, with dramatic stories that in a way relate to nowadays lives. Our world is very global and based on technology. They do cover a lot of topics that concern our society. This show has definitely caught my attention.



Something else that caught my attention was a movie called “Nocturnal Animals”. If you are a fan of psychological crime dramas, you should definitely watch this movie. I will not go into detail explaining this movie, since I hope you will watch it and then you can comment whether you liked it or not. Personally, I really like these kind of movies, because they are interesting and leave me thinking about the content, long after the movie is over.


Winter Accessory

My third and the last favourite of these past weeks is my grey faux fur pom pom beanie. Regardless of the cold weather, you do need to go outside to work, school, shops etc. It is important to keep your head warm and your hair healthy. We all would love to have gorgeous and healthy hair. This beanie has been my favourite, since it is fun and warm. Grey colour goes with most of my outfits as well.

With my beautiful friend.

On another note, today is probably the last day for our Christmas tree. It is a bit sad, since I really liked it. But I can see its branches withering, despite all of the watering we did. It is a cycle of life. We will recycle our Christmas tree and it hopefully will be used for good causes. Therefore, let`s say good bye to our Christmas tree with a smile!



Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana


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