Discovery of the Week #11

Wonderful readers,

Snowflakes are falling on already white ground. People are rushing because it is not that pleasant to walk around. It is cold outside. We like to keep thinking about travel to a destination unknown, but it has to be somewhere pleasantly warm, that is for sure. New week is here, keep yourself sincere and I will present you three things that I added to my atmosphere!


My discovery of this week is actually a fitness app called 7 Minute Workout. Sometimes you sit with your computer, feeling tired and sleepy, even though you have got enough sleep. Then this app will truly help you to get your body in the movement and get that energy you actually have in you. This short workout is very clear with visual and vocal description and it got me truly energised and satisfied. It was also chosen as the best Android App of 2016 (guess I am a bit late discovering it). Anyways, it is a wonderful discovery I will get use of!


Tea Time 

Recently, I discovered again the scent, aroma and taste of loose leaf teas. Sometimes my favourites go around in the circles, meaning certain things I really like get hidden behind other things discovered more recently. One of the things I really like is drinking natural loose leaf teas. Where you look at your tea ingredients, like looking at your feet through crystal clear water. You see dried berries, dried flowers, different spices and herbs. The sensation of aroma being spread across the room is also worth mentioning. My favourite ones are with dried strawberries or raspberries. With that being said, I highly recommend to choose loose leaf teas instead of teabags.




Being a big smoothie fan, I like to try mixing up different ingredients and create something new. My usual is a green smoothie, which is made of spinach, avocado, kiwis, banana and water. However, this week I traded kiwis with frozen strawberries, ditched beloved avocado and added some chia seeds to make it even better. The final result didn’t disappoint me and another smoothie was added to my favourite smoothie list. Delicious!

Spinach, Water, Frozen Strawberries, Banana, Chia Seeds.



Stay healthy!


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

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