Creative Energy

Some thoughts of the day about creative energy.

Technology is a great helping tool, that can inspire and help us in all the right ways, as long as we use it correctly. Why is that? It is easy to get drown in technology and become ​lazy, in a way that you feel technology will do it all for you. Then you subconsciously use it for everything. Here is where it fails, it fails on our creativity.

In order to be creative, you have to put technology away and think. You have to imagine something and try to make your vision into reality. It is great to use technology for inspiration and realisation of your ideas. Yes, some ideas seem easy, like everyone could do them. But then again, not everyone does it, that is the difference. So don`t underestimate your creative energy, and instead of reproducing, get inspired by technology and things that already got created.

If you don`t believe in your own power and ability creating something at the beginning, that is fine. Probably everyone has these feelings. Do not stress, imitate the first example and after you have done that, add something of your own. Then add some more of your own ideas and without even noticing you will see the whole item being transformed into your own piece. Step by step, your confidence will rise as well.

Have a great week and use technology for inspiration and creation. Imagine your vision being a reality. Read stories, pay attention and get inspired!

Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

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