Frozen February


I just realised, it is day 4 of the last winter month. I cannot say that I am sad about it, rather very excited. Winter is not my season, it is usually full of doubts, lots of unnecessary thinking and insecure thoughts. Actually spring is my favourite season, when nature slowly awakens, sun shines more often and I get passion and drive for the things I do. Also spring is good for clearing my head and sorting out the priorities. Oh and my birthday is happening as well as very desired travel abroad. Today, we are one day closer to spring and that makes me very excited!

February is full of frost, ice, minus degrees and clouds. However, there are some positive things about these cold days. The fact that spring and slowly awakening nature will be appreciated so much more, cozy time at home with lots of candles, warm blankets, great books/magazines/tv shows and last but not least beautiful sunsets. It is also time to embrace DIY projects and release that creative energy you have inside yourself. Therefore, we should welcome this February with open arms and a bright smile!

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Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

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