Who said white is not a colour?

Since our daily lives include this colour now more than ever, it is just about time to get inspired. I created this inspirational board with love and desire to see white as a unique, not dull and positively rich colour.

White symbolises purity, innocence, virginity, light, cleanliness, spirituality, goodness, heaven, faith, sincerity, safety, security and perfection. Only positive things associate with this highly used, but rather underrated colour.

IMG_6359 2bd62cf1843196636ad693c8e27e33d10570eb62faa694aaff703f23bcb49da15c2c0d7c81e8b834f96cb175d62c0a3bb



This is a blend of photos – some photos are from pinterest.com and some are taken by me. 


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

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