Dejavu is an intuitive experience, a feeling about current situation or event being experienced in the past. This term is french and literally means – already seen.

I was walking in the city centre recently, and remembered a video I did last year. A dejavu feeling came to me, as I noticed the same sign hanging on the shopping centre wall. It literally brought me back to those February days when I stood there and filmed my video, only a year younger. Only with less experience and adventures in my baggage.

Sun seems to shine more these days and frost has settled, doesn’t care to leave. The sign brought me back to the last February, and I noticed the same patterns, only more snow this year. I only talk about city life, because personally there are more things to be excited about. So life really goes around and dejavu moments help to check our memories. It takes a blink of an eye, but the whole month can past by in such little time.


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

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