Memory Lane – Dreams & Oranges

What do You remember the most from your travels? For me, simple moments,  unusual happenings take the most recognition in my memory. Of course, if I think about the vacation day by day, I will remember the most of it. But if you ask me to tell you about the trip right away, I suddenly get numb. I literally do not know where to start and it seems so much to share.

Every single thing seems so precious, memory baggage is filled with true quality time and moments. It takes time to settle impressions, at least for me. Therefore, I love capturing moments in form of photography and video content. Then no words are needed, you can try to feel the spirit of the place and I can relive the moments in satisfying pace.


Whenever I travel to the South, the things that always get me excited are nature pearls – palm trees, real oranges and lemons on the trees simply on the street and by the cozy houses, and of course the bright colour of the ocean water. It seems impossible to not squeeze out a smile when I see such lively colours.


At the same time, I wonder how would my life be, if I lived by the crystal clear ocean, had one of those cute little houses with orange trees in the backyard, full of fresh fruit. I would be waken up by the early sun shining so bright through the large window, followed by me going down the stairs and filling my glass with water and getting outside bare feet, to start the morning with fresh fruit plucked by myself. Would I appreciate all of this if I had it, or would it be simply normal everyday life? After all, oranges in Portugal seem as common as apples in Lithuania.

The bloom.
IMG_4040_sRGBA local elder came to us, when he saw our big eyes looking at these bright orange fruits and our arms slowly reaching to grab one of these. He was not mad or sad about it, he actually smiled gently. He said these fruits were no good to eat and kindly suggested not eating those for our own sake. I said that the whole sensation was in the smell and that was our only intention – to smell it. He smiled again and walked away. I felt satisfied and surprised. Surprised and satisfied by the friendly people in Portugal and great knowledge of english, even in the elder generation. And here we have started the memory lane.


It is healthy to dream and imagine things in your head at times. In that way you get to expand your horizon and think deeply. But be careful, dreams do come true.

Have you seen my Portugal video? ❤

Much love,

Ruta Antana

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