My favourite parks in Oslo, Norway

What can be better than finding a beautiful park in the middle of the city? Here, I will share my personal favourite parks in Oslo, Norway.

The first is definitely Royal Palace Park, which is probably the most central park in Oslo. It is not that big, but such a peaceful and green park! The main street is just down the hill, which makes it a great location for some relaxation! There are many beautiful plants, fountains and ducks swimming in the pond. You can imagine yourself as a royal while walking around, if you have a bright imagination. This park is especially beautiful in the evening, as the sun is slowly settling down between the trees. It is such a magnificent sight!

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Number second would be Frogner park with Vigeland Sculpture Park inside of it, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Oslo. It is situated in the area called Majorstuen. There are plenty of tourists in Vigeland Sculpture Park on summertime, to see all wonderful naked sculptures and roses blooming in all shapes and colours. While Frogner Park is a popular place among the locals, where people like to walk their dogs, go for a run or just enjoy their time – sunbathing, grilling, being with their friends or family. It is very nice to walk around the park and discover simple hidden nature beauties. I love waterfalls, small or big, it doesn’t matter. This park has it, and I am so glad for it! It is actually the largest park in the central parts of Oslo.

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There are no roses in the park yet, but I will definitely take some photos once the roses will start blooming in all kinds of beautiful colours. 🙂

Last but not least, there is a place called Sognsvann. I am not sure if it is considered as a park, but I look at it as one. There is a lake with a walking/running path that goes around the whole lake, which is around 3 kilometres long. Also there is an area which is great for sunbathing, fishing, grilling and picnics. You can also go for a swim or work out on the grass. People really love this place for work outs and runs. However, at warm days the place is packed with people sunbathing and grilling. If you don’t like to be in the mass, you can walk a bit by the lake and find a small, private space besides the water. Enjoy nature in your own way. This lake is not situated in the city centre, so you have either to take the metro or drive the car. There are plenty of parking spots, completely for free! Doesn’t this sound amazing?

If you are really into different plants and trees, then you should also visit Botanical Garden in the area called Tøyen. I used to work in this place and I can definitely say that it is a beautiful park worth a visit. Also a popular place for wedding photoshoots. Would you like to take a picture by the palm tree while in Oslo? Then this is the place you want to visit!

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Take a walk in the park and smell the fresh air. Because sometimes that is all You need!♡


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana




Find one thing You want to appreciate today.

It doesn’t have to be big,

Could be a smile You got from a friend, food in Your fridge or sunny nice day…

Think about one positive thing, everyday,

No matter how hard it may seem someday.

And then You will see,

How much You actually have,

So smile brightly and enjoy Your Beautiful Day!


IMG_1921 2IMG_1921

What do You choose to appreciate today? I appreciate this view I am able to look at everyday!


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

OSLO in February

So good to look back and actually realise that nature is constantly changing and days are noticeably getting longer. Then it is easier to appreciate the warmer weather and brighter colours. Spring is slowly but confidently knocking on our windows.

Personally I have been living in Oslo for the last 4 years. Oslo is the capital of Norway and it`s quite small, but a lovely city with lots of nature and beautiful architecture. It has a laid back vibe, where people do not really rush that much. I really enjoy taking walks in the streets, especially on Saturdays, when the street musicians are at their best and people enjoy their day off. However, you will see most people outside on Sundays, as Norwegians love to run, sit down, take walks or simply enjoy no matter what kind of weather. Shops are closed on Sundays here in Oslo which makes it rather a perfect time to enjoy the beauty of nature.


Travel Video I made down below, consists of the best known places in Oslo worth visiting, such as:

Royal Palace; The main street called Karl Johan; Main building of the University of Oslo; The City Hall (Rådhuset); Area around Oslo Central Station; The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet House; Cathedral (Dom Kirke); Vigeland Sculpture Park; Movie Theatre Colosseum; Holmenkollen area and Tower; Aker Brygge, Nobels Peace Centre and more.

It is worth noticing that it is a winter travel video where cold colours dominate and nature looks quite different than it does now. Follow me through lovely Oslo and maybe we will stop for a cup of coffee in the end? Let me know if you would like me to make a summer video as well!


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

Birds and Statues


Do You think that you lift your head up enough?

Or the ground is closer to look at…

Do You think it is pointless to look up?

There are clouds and tree tops you know well…

Nothing new, nothing special, just regular day.

But imagine today could be that day,

You will see Birds on tall naked Statues having a blast.

Gathered together, one bird at the top.

And tell me now darling, be honest this time,

Do You really want to miss that?

IMG_1954 2IMG_1954


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana