My favourite parks in Oslo, Norway

What can be better than finding a beautiful park in the middle of the city? Here, I will share my personal favourite parks in Oslo, Norway.

The first is definitely Royal Palace Park, which is probably the most central park in Oslo. It is not that big, but such a peaceful and green park! The main street is just down the hill, which makes it a great location for some relaxation! There are many beautiful plants, fountains and ducks swimming in the pond. You can imagine yourself as a royal while walking around, if you have a bright imagination. This park is especially beautiful in the evening, as the sun is slowly settling down between the trees. It is such a magnificent sight!

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Number second would be Frogner park with Vigeland Sculpture Park inside of it, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Oslo. It is situated in the area called Majorstuen. There are plenty of tourists in Vigeland Sculpture Park on summertime, to see all wonderful naked sculptures and roses blooming in all shapes and colours. While Frogner Park is a popular place among the locals, where people like to walk their dogs, go for a run or just enjoy their time – sunbathing, grilling, being with their friends or family. It is very nice to walk around the park and discover simple hidden nature beauties. I love waterfalls, small or big, it doesn’t matter. This park has it, and I am so glad for it! It is actually the largest park in the central parts of Oslo.

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There are no roses in the park yet, but I will definitely take some photos once the roses will start blooming in all kinds of beautiful colours. 🙂

Last but not least, there is a place called Sognsvann. I am not sure if it is considered as a park, but I look at it as one. There is a lake with a walking/running path that goes around the whole lake, which is around 3 kilometres long. Also there is an area which is great for sunbathing, fishing, grilling and picnics. You can also go for a swim or work out on the grass. People really love this place for work outs and runs. However, at warm days the place is packed with people sunbathing and grilling. If you don’t like to be in the mass, you can walk a bit by the lake and find a small, private space besides the water. Enjoy nature in your own way. This lake is not situated in the city centre, so you have either to take the metro or drive the car. There are plenty of parking spots, completely for free! Doesn’t this sound amazing?

If you are really into different plants and trees, then you should also visit Botanical Garden in the area called Tøyen. I used to work in this place and I can definitely say that it is a beautiful park worth a visit. Also a popular place for wedding photoshoots. Would you like to take a picture by the palm tree while in Oslo? Then this is the place you want to visit!

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Take a walk in the park and smell the fresh air. Because sometimes that is all You need!♡


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

Cherry Blossoms

Take a couple of minutes to notice the beauty spring has to offer!


A place where people stop for a while,

Look up and stare,

For a couple of seconds, they stay there.

Then they take their phone or camera in hands

And smile for themselves,

Raise their gadgets like a glass.

One shot, two shots,

Did you get that perfect one?

Because nature show its beauty,

So strong in person though.

Take your time to capture it,

Also mental pictures are so great.

Magical nature, magic of nature,

No matter how you say it,

Cherry blossoms shine right now,

To You, To Me,

To Everyone who notices their beauty.

IMG_2827 2IMG_2827


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana


Explore LONDON continues


Time simply flies away when you have fun, they say, and it is absolutely true! That is what happened the next days we spent in London. No surprise we missed our evening ride on London Eye…

You see, we bought a Day & Night tickets, in order to see London by day and by night. The first admission has to be made during 10:00 to 16:00. The second admission has to obviously be made after 16:00, but the thing is that we didn’t check when the London Eye closed. We assumed it would be at least at 19:00. And guess what, we take beautiful photos at Buckingham Palace, watch beautiful sunset as we ride in the red bus and walk by the Big Ben towards the London Eye, excited to finish experience the sunset over the city…

Victoria Memorial
Big Ben
Evening view

We arrive in excitement at 18:30, just to see empty lines and workers smiling, so ready to call it a day. London Eye closed at 18:00 and we were just halv an hour late. Oh well, we already experienced the amazing ride in day time, not minding the rain. There are plenty of things to do in London, have to keep the positive thoughts lined up first row!

Also we didn’t miss an opportunity to experience a show while in London. We saw a show called “Stomp”, performed at Ambassadors Theatre, which is a combination of rhythm, theatre, comedy and dance. There are 8 performers, who use all kinds of things, as kitchen sinks, brooms, plastic bags etc, to create some wonderful, feelgood rhythms. Everything sounded so funky, performed really professionally. No one speaks throughout the whole show, but that is the thing. Only universal language is used! Wonderful and very funny show, full of silent comedy and great funk created by urban things, you could never think using as instruments. I really enjoyed this show and walked from the theatre with a big smile on my face.


St Paul`s Cathedral behind me, and blossoms all over the place
Beautiful Duck
St. James Park


The video I made from London (which is down below) sums the whole trip up, with amazing places, buildings, nature… And the little dance is inspired by Zumba (which I really like), to make the video more authentic and interesting to watch! I hope You will enjoy the video, to look at London through my eyes, and it will inspire You in some way. ♡




Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana





Nowadays, with so many choices and possibilities, we get often confused and lost. It gets hard to decide and choose, also when it comes to fashion. Then two beautiful words pop into our heads – Simplicity and Minimalism. These words bring calmness and create space in our minds and closets, where we can breathe and slow our pace.

Minimalism in fashion is all about clean, classical cuts and models, with basic, neutral colours. The key is to obviously keep it simple without pressuring the eyes with bright colours, sparkle and extravagant elements. The models should fit you well and quality of the fabric should be important as minimalism is also about minimising the size of your closet. This means that you should invest in a couple of pieces that can be mixed and matched for different occasions.


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For example a classic blazer can be matched with a pair of jeans, regular t-shirt and sneakers for the day time. If you like it more classy and want to create an office look, wear it with a pair of classical pants, shirt and flat shoes. And guess what, You can wear that same blazer over a dress or skirt for the night out, combined with a pair of high heels. Voíla, You used the same blazer in four different outfits! I don’t even doubt that you will mix and match even more outfits using the same blazer.

You can also do the same with a dress. Find a dress that is made of a good material and fits you perfectly. Dress it down for the day time, with flat shoes, a scarf, blazer or cardigan, and dress it up for the evening out, with high heels, perhaps a belt and cute little purse.



Have a wonderful and simply beautiful weekend! ♡


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana




Find one thing You want to appreciate today.

It doesn’t have to be big,

Could be a smile You got from a friend, food in Your fridge or sunny nice day…

Think about one positive thing, everyday,

No matter how hard it may seem someday.

And then You will see,

How much You actually have,

So smile brightly and enjoy Your Beautiful Day!


IMG_1921 2IMG_1921

What do You choose to appreciate today? I appreciate this view I am able to look at everyday!


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

Birthday in LONDON

So many places you can go to, so many buildings you want to see, free museums and those amazing parks, and do not forget the choices and all the people everywhere… Can you guess a big city, where I wanted to celebrate my birthday this year? Well, the heading said it already, but the guessing wouldn’t be that hard. Since London has it all! 

Exploring the city.



We arrived at London Stansted Airport early morning on my birthday. The nature was starting to wake up, and as we drove along, I noticed beautiful narcissus and pink cherry trees blossoming besides the roads. English architecture, red busses and nevertheless driving on the other side of the road, yes, it may sound very stereotypically, but there is no surprise that these are actually the things I first notice when I arrive in London. As the days go, you get use to these things and start to getting to know multicultural London.


St.James Park.

One of the things that I think is so great about London – is the possibility to easily find a beautiful park. The fact that London is packed with people, cars and everyone is constantly in the rush, makes it important to be able to find a beautiful spot, where the beauty of nature can take your breath away. My personal favourite park this time was St.James Park, which is situated very close to the Buckingham Palace. As we travelled to London in spring time, the nature was showing its best features. Blossoms, green grass, birds seeking for attention as the squirrels got it all. We love to walk a lot as we travel, so resting our feet on one of the benches situated in the park is also a great idea! If the weather was warmer, we would have done a picnic, but unfortunately it was still quite cold and windy. Well, next time, since picnics are amazing!

I always have a cake for my birthday, since I see it as a symbol. When you blow out the candles you happily wish for something as you get older and wiser. So I thought that it would be a bit weird without a cake this year, but it doesn’t matter as long as we have a wonderful day. But guess what, eventually we even got a cake with Happy Birthday sign on it! It was very spontaneous and not planned, since we saw the cake at the Top Shop, and said hey, it is perfect! They also have candles, so we got everything we needed for a small birthday celebration.


We walked so much that day, said hi to the squirrels and birds, took photos besides beautiful trees and buildings, drank coffee, shopped, drove through the city and played bowling. However, the ending of the day couldn’t get any better! As the time got to 23:30, and the candles on the cake still weren’t blown out, we got to figure something out. A mini park besides the river, deep dark sky, brown bench, strong wind, napkins blown everywhere, cake cut with a plastic knife, wind refusing to lit those candles, but eventually giving up, apple juice, great company and laughs. This is my perfect ending of the day! Birthday in London was very memorable and fantastically great!


To be continued further on this trip…


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

5 Spring Season Trends

lushfabglam motivation quotes 5

Spring, oh dear Spring, are you here? Because your clothes look fierce and fabulous. However, the weather conditions won’t let me enjoy them quite yet, since the coat is hiding it all. Then it is about time to take a closer look into what is considered trendy for the season and pick pieces or patterns you like the most. Maybe You will hit some shops after this? Or check the online stores? Either way, continue reading this and enjoy the Art of Fashion!

What do trends dictate for this wonderfully blossoming season? Perhaps weather is not so ideal here in western Europe, but it will only get better. It is no surprise that pastel colours are making a huge hit this season. And ladies, you will find all shades of Pink to create a fabulous look!

However, Khaki colour is making its statement and is a main colour to look after this season. This colour looks great paired with different colour items, but especially the white ones. Do not hesitate and get yourself a Khaki item, since this colour is the new black!



Athletic Wear Elements   

A sexy twist of athletic wear in all shapes, sizes and colours are shaking up the runways and different stores. Get inspired from these looks to create your own outfit!


Flower Power

It is no surprise that flower pattern made this list. Flowers are one of the things that associate with spring and its awakening nature. Flowers can be found in all shapes and sizes, which makes it easier to find unique pattern to each of you. Minimalistic big flowers, or full ornaments of the small ones – You can find it all!


Stripes all the way

Inspired by sporty wear, stripes are continuing to be a huge hit for this season and it looks like it will stay this way for a while. This pattern is very universal and anyone can wear it. If you are not a big fan of extravagant stripes, smaller and more simple stripes will look just as flattering.


Sparkle For Me

Let your fantasy get loose on this trend! Shine bright like a diamond, from inside and out, and sparkle through the day and night like a star!



Which of these spring trends do You like the most? Have a wonderful weekend!


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

Spring Vibes in Light Colours

Nights are getting shorter and Days are getting longer. Cannot wait to enjoy shy sunlight and to take long walks. Also how amazing is it to leave your coat at home and fully show your outfit? It gets immediately more tempting to dress up more and experiment with your wardrobe. And what fits better with that warm late spring and early summer breeze than light materials and pastel colours to create a fresh look?



Style is something personal and individual and should be matched with the persons personality and lifestyle. Todays style is quite classy, girly and fresh.

The theme is long and short white bottoms. First is cropped high waist, wide pants and second is high waist shorts with accessories on them. Classy cuts matched with cute and playful details, such as bright shoes and more loose tops in light pink pastel colour. I really love this colour for the spring and summer season. Simplicity mixed with creative little details give delightful completeness to the look! 





Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana