One Day It is Reality, Another Day Beautiful Memory


It is easy to get excited,

About something you are waiting for patiently,

About something you have missed or dreamed for a long time.


Firstly, the time seems to stand still,

It seems so far away it gets hard to keep you chill.

Then you try to not think of it,

Keep your mind occupied with other things that keep you real.

Here the time takes a serious step forward,

And the day you have waited for

Arrives with a blink.


Lastly the joy, takes over it all.

You laugh excitedly through the whole

Experience you have waited for

Hours, days, weeks, months, years…

With second blink you take,

Here it goes,


One day it is reality, 

Another day beautiful memory. 

FullSizeRender-32 2FullSizeRender-32

Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

Vacation for You


What lies in the word – VACATION?


A huge desire for relaxation,

Or having fun on exploration?

Letting go of your frustration,

Or simply getting to a different location?

Doing wild and cute flirtation,

Or being peaceful with meditation?

Knowing you don’t have to go to work organisation,

Or being at home without any temptation?


Vacation or holiday is a time when someone does not go to work or school,

But is free to do what they want.

Looking at words above you will notice a pattern,

Vacation basically means individual preference for being happy.

The time is yours, to travel or relax…

But the most important thing is to enjoy every second of it,

Because quality beats quantity.


IMG_4128 2IMG_4128


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana







Find one thing You want to appreciate today.

It doesn’t have to be big,

Could be a smile You got from a friend, food in Your fridge or sunny nice day…

Think about one positive thing, everyday,

No matter how hard it may seem someday.

And then You will see,

How much You actually have,

So smile brightly and enjoy Your Beautiful Day!


IMG_1921 2IMG_1921

What do You choose to appreciate today? I appreciate this view I am able to look at everyday!


Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana

Man and the Sun


When a Man meets the Sun…

Even if the sun is not so high up and settling down…

You can still see the shine and the brightness…

Of both complexions… take your time, since the days are getting longer.

Spring is here, can you feel it already?

Enjoy every sunset in your own way. 

IMG_1107 copy 2 2IMG_1107 copy 2


I love different lighting, shadows, trees and people in photography. A natural looking person being outdoors, doesn’t matter if it`s the city centre, tiny park or mighty forest, it makes a remarkable and creative image.

Much love and positivity,

Ruta Antana